We have the most qualified and best ENGINEERING team in terms of human resources, the most advanced computer and technology equipment, we handle the highest standards of 3D design, planimetry and product development. We base our engineering and design team in a framework of total adherence to the requirements of our clients. We have the best resources necessary to improve and exceed your expectations.

We affirm the above because the calculation, design and development of our engineering is carried out with the most advanced CAD-CAM technology (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing) using high-performance, versatile and cutting-edge software such as Solid Works, Autocad, Fast Nest, Fast Cam, Peddimat, Cutting Optimizer, Tekla, among others. This is part of our construction-based, computer-integrated manufacturing approach. Where we can carry out a comprehensive solution to your needs in the different special products adapted with our engineering team.

Likewise, we have the ability to carry out structural analyzes supported by calculation memories, in which we guarantee the ideal operation of the product.


Structures Optimization

Structural design, detail, prototypes and full-scale tests

Foundation design

Marking of parts for tower assembly

PROMESA is currently an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, which is why we are constantly renewing technology and training our qualified personnel based on maintaining high quality standards supported by the continuous improvement system of our quality management system.

Furthermore, we are active members of the Mexican Association of Galvanizers, the American Galvanizers Association and reliable suppliers of Lapem.